I spent a good week of my summer holidays 2002 in Jersey, the biggest of the 5 Channel Islands. Jersey is 116 square kilometres and has a population of 85,000. My mother and I started our journey early in the morning on Saturday, 21st July.

On our flight to Jersey we had quite a long stop in Zurich and so we decided to take a short trip into the city.

After landing in Jersey we took a taxi to our hotel, the Water's Edge Hotel on Bouley Bay. It was situated directly on a stoney beach - nearly at the edge of the world - and we had quite a nice view of the sea. On the same day we took a bus to St. Helier, the only town in Jersey, and rented bikes for the whole week. As part of Jersey is English we had to drive on the left side of the road which was a new experience for us.

Nearly every evening we went to the Black Dog Bar - a famous pub - for dinner directly next to our hotel.

On Sunday we took a bike trip to Gerald Durrell's famous Jersey Zoo where you can see primarily endangered animals.

On Monday and Tuesday we decided to bike to Rozel Bay and St. Aubin's Bay, both sandy beaches, where we could relax.

On Wednesday we took a ferry boat to Guernsey, the second biggest island, and landed at St. Peter's Port. By chance there was a big fire brigade festival going on. So we "escaped" to the Candie Gardens where we saw a big statue of the famous writer, Victor Hugo, who lived in Guernsey in exile for several years. All the gardens we saw, and there were a lot of them, were very well-groomed.

On Thursday we again rode our bikes on a trip to Devil's Hole where you can see a statue of the devil standing in a small pond. The path down the cliffs to Devil's Hole is a real challenge for bikers. And you can only go there when it isn't flooded.

On Friday we took a bus to St. Brelade's Bay where we visited the Fisherman's Chapel. As the sun was shining, we spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Before bringing our bikes back on Saturday, we took a trip to the German Underground Hospital. It was very cold in the German Underground Hospital, but it was still very worthwhile visiting. It was built by the Germans during occupation for 1000 patients but it was never used. Now it's a good museum which shows the occupation by the Germans, especially the effect it had on inhabitants.

We were lucky and had good weather. We had sunshine every day except for one, when we got soaking wet.

We spent the last day walking along some cliff paths and then flying back to Linz via Zurich.

Altogether, it was a nice week and I would like to repeat it.